The Cross-Stitch News

Official Selection: Waterfront Film Festival
5/11/11 - Accepted into the 2011 Waterfront Film Festival, June 9th-12th. Screening details coming soon.

Official Selection: Beverly Hills Film Festival
2/23/11 - Accepted into the 2011 Beverly Hills Film Festival, April 6th-10th. We'll be screening Thursday, April 7th, 9:00pm at The Clarity Theatre.

Official Selection: Portland Women's Film Festival
1/25/11 - Accepted into the 2011 POW Fest taking place March 9th-13th. We'll be screening on Saturday March 12th @ the Hollywood Theatre, 9PM.

Official Selection: Carmel Art & Film Festival
9/23/10 - Accepted into the 2010 Carmel Art & Film Festival taking place October 6th-10th. We'll be screening on Saturday 10/9 @ the Carmel Youth Center and Sunday 10/10 @ the Golden Bough Playhouse w/Q&A afterwards.

Official Selection: Ojai Film Festival
9/12/10 - Accepted into the 2010 Ojai Film Festival taking place November 4th-7th. We'll be posting screening details soon.

Official Selection: Big Bear Lake International Film Festival
7/23/10 - Accepted into the 11th annual Big Bear Lake International Film Festival! We are screening on Saturday, September 18th @ 3:30PM at the Village North 1. Tickets are $5 and available at the door.

Official Selection: DC Shorts Film Festival
6/21/10 - Accepted into the 7th annual DC Shorts Film Festival! We're part of Showcase 5: 9/10, 6:00pm, U.S. Navy Memorial Heritage Center and 10:00pm, Landmark's E Street Cinema, then 9/12, 2:00pm, U.S. Navy Memorial Heritage Center and 6:00pm, Landmark's E Street Cinema.

Official Selection: LA Shorts Festival
6/15/10 - We are happy to announce our world premiere at the 14th annual LA Shorts Fest! We're screening in Program #33 on Wednesday, 7/28, 7:45pm at the Laemmle Sunset 5. Tickets go on sale 7/12 and can be purchased by clicking here.